Happy Once More


I thought I’d always be miserable.

I thought that my past was going to haunt me until it got the best of me.

And for awhile, it did.

The ghosts of my past still come visit me but I find it easier to face them since you’ve come into my life.

Maybe this is already set up for heartbreak in the future and maybe it isn’t.

There’s no way of telling unless I stick around.

And I’m dying to know.

Even if it means I can get my heart broken once more,

Even if it means that your ghost will befriend the old ones and come back to visit me stronger than ever as an army.

For now, I’m going to sit back, relax and enjoy

Every single second I get to share with you.

Because I thought I would never be able to feel like this again.

It amazes me to be able to say that I’m happy.

And it’s all because of Y O U.


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