Photowalk | 15 Feb 2014

I decided to put in photos of my familiar haunts.  After all, today can only be today.  These may be good to look back on later when the topography may have changed, since the whole of Pasig sits precariously along the fault line.  But on a less morbid note, it may also be good (at least for me), to look back on my thought process / state of mind at the time.

Mang Inasal

The customer service bane of the roasted chicken industry.


Mini-Stop reminds me of an 80’s Movie line “Para kang carinderiang bukas sa lahat ng gustong kumain” (You’re like a cheap eatery open to all who want to eat.)  Indeed!


This is one non-inclusive bank, methinks.  Along with Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, etc.  What about multiracial folks?  Who should they go to for their financial fiduciary needs?  There used to be a Pilipinas Bank and a Banco Filipino, however they both declared bankruptcy or something that they exist no more.  Here’s hoping that the same fate won’t happen to its namesake country.    

Monday-Sunday 24//7

Now that, is simply too tall an order for any human to fill. Even the saintliest of people need a break every now and then. This is something fittingly left to parking spaces.


Subliminal messaging on gender inequality.  Or am I just reading too much into the signs?

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Ortigas Center

One of my favorite caffeine fix places.  But out of all of them, this is really special.  This is where I knew one of my prayers were answered.  

Take Out

Does this apply solely to fast-food or to erstwhile romance as well? Be a “take home” instead.  Taken home to meet the family, friends as THE legitimate significant other.


Over-priced coffee in every corner.


Jollibee junk tucked away in the bushes.


Where Pinoy tastebuds reside…  (Panlasang Pilipino, at home sa Jollibee)

The Urban Wanderer

Following where your feet take you?


Quo Vadis, my friend?  If only I knew the answer to mine.  

In God We Trust

At the end of the day, I really do.

Mr. Park’s Bread & Cafe
Inside Mr. Parks Bread & Cafe

Another “Korean Invasion”, they’re everywhere!  And thriving, if I may add.  Well, their products are pretty good, I must say.  Nice interiors too! If only there were more thriving Pinoy enterprises.  

Highlands Coffee

I used to think this was a Filipino enterprise, as they used to serve “Barako Brews”… or maybe I had them confused for another coffee shop?  I’d take our local brews any day, if only I wasn’t prone to coffee-induced migraines.

Drinks Selection
Drinks Selection

Variety after all, is the spice of life.

Cherry Coke

Don’t find these too often.  I guess that’s what makes it appealing to me —  its limited access , the uncommon-ness of it.  I guess that’s how I’d like to be perceived sometimes.  Not that there’s anything wrong with being ordinary.  I guess I’d want to be the random thing once ignored, that catches the eye.   The one worthy of a second, if not, several, repeated glances.  


Ice.  May you continue to cool the fieriest of drinks and tempers.

Random Guy & his phone

Connected or Dis-connected?


Or maybe then again, they’re talking…

Love for Commerce

Preying on the singletons… sheesh!  Isn’t it enough that they are assaulted with reminders of their single state?  Not that there’s nothing wrong with that.  But to cash in on it is something I find disturbing. Here, they preach of “empowerment” and salute single-ness, yet somehow remind them that they are!  Over the years I liked Valentines less and less as it became increasingly commercialized.  For the life of me, I don’t really understand the appeal of this cramped coffee shop.  They don’t make their own food (gotten from concessionaires), and their coffee isn’t remarkable and too sweet for my taste.  Must be the kitschy interiors that distract them from realizing this.

One way or another…

Yup, one-sided always sucks. (saw this on a  fire escape door)

Conch Sugar Pastry

This is one of the great finds I’ve had this week.  It’s light, flaky and oh-so yummy! The caramel complements the light, airy, pastry which doesn’t make it cloyingly sweet.  Goes very well with coffee or any beverage, for that matter.  And reasonably priced too!  This ought to be making waves instead of the “croughnut?”

Beanie Boo Boo

And no post would ever be complete without including my cat, Beanie.  Oh the things he gets away with because of his cuteness!  Our cat has thrill issues.  He’s afraid of other people yet always wants to sneak out the door to the hallway when it’s empty.  But the moment there’s sign of others, (esp. the dog that lives next door), he scampers right back in.  He loves to mark spots, much to the annoyance of the dog next door who ends up barking and peeing outside my door sometimes.  Thank Goodness his owner cleans up the mess before I see it.

And thus endeth this day’s photo-walk.  My walks, just like my posts, are rambles.  Yet somehow, they are freeing.  I don’t ever pretend that this would be some deep soliloquy on life.  This is life, at random.  My life, to be even more specific.

Until the next post.


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