Furballs and furloughs




These are our cats, Harriette (top), Keaton (middle), and Beanie (bottom), all curled up to be little balls of fur, taken from different parts of the house.

There’s a certain soothing reassurance to see a sleeping cat. At least for me.  One may scurry about, fixated on the many demands of the day, and then you see a sleeping cat.  Oft, they lazily half open an eye to gaze at you as if to say: “So what’s the big deal about what you’re doing? Why rush? Relax.”

Cats sleep an average of 16-20 hours in a day.  Watching my cats, they seem to really savor the deep slumber they are in. They really commit to recharging not only their bodies but seemingly their spirits as well.  As if they really are saving all their strength for something majorly important later on.  If only for the 45 mins.-1 hour frolic and roughhouse play they do around the house after they get their full quota of sleep.

They are a visual reminder for me to slow down my pace at times and give as much value to rest as it is to active engagements.  They remind me that a few hours of restful meditation and slumber can render one better prepared for the many battles ahead. Most importantly, they make me stop and weigh whatever it is I’m doing is worth the effort or would my time be better spent resting, bracing myself for the better, more meaningful pursuits.

And with that, I end and head off for a nap.


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