Variation On The Word Sleep


This poem exemplifies the deep, sincere craving to be intimate, to truly connect with another person.  It starts off as tender and wistful, in askance even, for the chance to sleep with another person.  Transcending the physical, it is a desire to tap into one’s unconscious, one’s vulnerability.  The imagery evoked in the passages, while sensual, is able to articulate the longing of a pure heart, hence transcending its lines to beyond love, but an earnest desire to know the full depths of the other person, both conscious and subconscious.  The poem can be likened to the steady breath of slumber.  At the onset, inhaling peaceful, building up to an apogee, like in the middle of a dream, then letting out a soft, slow exhalation of release and resignation.

What truly resonated with me is the last stanza.  It speaks of selflessness.  It embodies, perhaps one of my life goals:  to be deemed necessary, life-giving as breath, yet given without the exacting ties of expecting something in return.

And with that, I dedicate the last four lines to my beloved, Teki.


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