Photowalk 24 May 2017

True to form, I’ve neglected to upload, let alone do photo walks.  (You know, life.) So much has happened since my last photo-walk upload.  (Has it truly been three years?)  It feels so good to be able to go on a photo-walk again.   Although it feels a little pretentious on my part to term these little outings as such because I don’t deem myself a photographer, nor an artist.  Nonetheless,  it is blissfully fulfilling, cleansing even, to go on a creative field trip of sorts and refract the oft neglected ‘eye for beauty and whimsy‘.  So without further ado, here it is.  I am a creature of habit and the familiar.  Let me share with you some of my favorite haunts around our little Eastwood community.

Pretty marble design adorns the lobby floor of the current condo we call home.

Enjoying Eastwood Mall’s wide open spaces.

I have always been a fan of this Supermarket.  Service is always on-point.  Although product variety & selection can still be improved.  

Definitely my happy place.  CoCo is the perfect antidote to downers and the blues.  My current fave:  Chocolate Pudding with Black Pearls.  All-time favorite:  Two Ladies (Pearl Milk Tea with Pudding & Black Pearls)

Purple print dress against an orange weave.  Odd complements.

Even the salad place is a call to action.  Good thing we know better to ignore it than succumb to its pressure.

While I still wish more flourishing flora to feed our oxygen starved metro, I’m thankful for the patches of green that bravely dare to thrive in the concrete jungle.

Eastwood Mall hosts interesting events.  Like these plush, luxurious massage chairs for free trial.  A temporary oasis for the work / life weary.  

I also like taking aimless walks around the small plaza.  Typically busy during the weekends, is now a leisurely domain ideal for head-clearing walks.

The trellis is pretty as much as it is functional, offering shelter against the sudden downpour.

How vibrant the plans look in the rain!

While others were struggling to seek shelter to stay dry, I willingly stepped into the rain to get a better shot of the raindrops falling.  

Even the man-made pond manages to look alive and pretty, when it rains.

Kept getting weird looks for being the girl standing in the rain looking up.

Going against the flow can be freeing sometimes.

Eerily sleepy in the mornings, Eastwood business offices come alive in the evenings, as they house several BPO, KPO  and shared-service hubs.

Stepping out of the rain for now lest I catch a cold.  

Until next time.  




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