Photowalk June 10 2017

Took another walk around the community to visit my favorite haunts.  Sometimes I like taking pictures.  Sometimes it’s a way to look at the same, familiar things with fresh eyes.  Come join me and let’s amble around Eastwood this late afternoon.

Statue committing to being a Pet-Friendly community
A shop in the dark
Lights up in the park
Colorful, inviting seats at Buddy’s, our favorite pancitan here!
Photo of Higantes festival
Sunflower power!
Even the table numbers look so cheerful
True to its boast, everyday is like a fiesta at Buddy’s. We came in feeling “meh”, came out feeling “yeah!”
Sa piling mo, ang gabi, tila araw…
Graffitti Art
All trees to me are lovely
I see trees of green… and I say to myself, ‘What a Wonderful World!’
The fountain with no coins.
While others see ‘dirty’ and ‘tacky’, I see beauty and self-expression
rebel art
NBS, still a classic favorite.


More reasons to love National Book Store
Wall art that seems to jump at you. Pretty!


Paintings for billboards!
Still, not a fontaine de trevi, but sure looks pretty, especially in the rain.
stumbled upon some good late afternoon lighting

Oh my!  Look at the time!  Better head back home before the rains get heavier.  And there are cat mouths to feed.  Thank you for joining me in today’s stroll.  Until next time! 🙂




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