When I was younger, I always thought that eventually, people get everything figured out.  But as I grew older, I realized that everyone just makes it up as they go along. And that there is no one way for doing things.

So here lies an inchoate collection of snapshots & snippets of attempts to put meaning and method to the daily madness that is my life.  These chronicles of this ongoing evolution were created solely for the purpose of expression.  Artistic, satiric or otherwise.

Catch a glimpse as the pixels settle to see what image comes out. Keep your eyes open, it constantly changes.

Share what you see.  Varying perspectives are always welcome.



3 Replies to “About”

  1. thank you for the visit, the like and the comment. i’m still fairly new to blogging and struggling to “put myself out there” so your visit was much appreciated. i enjoy your posts, even from dentaleggs. I used to be my sister’s assistant before when she was still practicing dentistry so that’s what attracted me to your site. your new blog is definitely fresh! love love love it! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Margy. I’m new to blogging as well. I’ve been freelancing for a while but the two can be different. Remember; your voice is unique. Some people say there are no original ideas left. I say hooey. Write about what moves you. The best pieces advice I received about writing is:
    Be your own biggest fan.
    Be prepared to write about anything.

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