Variation On The Word Sleep


This poem exemplifies the deep, sincere craving to be intimate, to truly connect with another person.  It starts off as tender and wistful, in askance even, for the chance to sleep with another person.  Transcending the physical, it is a desire to tap into one’s unconscious, one’s vulnerability.  The imagery evoked in the passages, while sensual, is able to articulate the longing of a pure heart, hence transcending its lines to beyond love, but an earnest desire to know the full depths of the other person, both conscious and subconscious.  The poem can be likened to the steady breath of slumber.  At the onset, inhaling peaceful, building up to an apogee, like in the middle of a dream, then letting out a soft, slow exhalation of release and resignation.

What truly resonated with me is the last stanza.  It speaks of selflessness.  It embodies, perhaps one of my life goals:  to be deemed necessary, life-giving as breath, yet given without the exacting ties of expecting something in return.

And with that, I dedicate the last four lines to my beloved, Teki.


Dirt Garden

Dirt Garden

For you who continues to see the good in me,
who continues to see me as a broken whole,
I shall continue to blossom in and for you.

Happy Once More


I thought I’d always be miserable.

I thought that my past was going to haunt me until it got the best of me.

And for awhile, it did.

The ghosts of my past still come visit me but I find it easier to face them since you’ve come into my life.

Maybe this is already set up for heartbreak in the future and maybe it isn’t.

There’s no way of telling unless I stick around.

And I’m dying to know.

Even if it means I can get my heart broken once more,

Even if it means that your ghost will befriend the old ones and come back to visit me stronger than ever as an army.

For now, I’m going to sit back, relax and enjoy

Every single second I get to share with you.

Because I thought I would never be able to feel like this again.

It amazes me to be able to say that I’m happy.

And it’s all because of Y O U.

Waking Hours

i want to hold you
in early morning
when i’m not sure
what day it is
and how much passed
of a night
with the edges
of your curtain
light slivering
before a crack
and cool air
coming to tickle
our feet if they
are not together
the darkness
becoming mere
shadows while
your face is 
lying on my side
like a plum
swollen pink from sleep
i feel the world is
worth living when
you put a tiny kiss
on my cheek
i don’t get if you
sleep enough or not but
that’s certainly
what you’d want
i am more than ever
in love and


Darling slide out 
Of your worries
And bury
Your heart
In my lips
I will slip out
O f my fears
And wear nothing
But your touch
Clutch my skin
Between your
Thinly veiled
Smiles and we can
Run away for
A while 


It is probably good that you
Do not let me hold your hand,
Because if I could hold your hand,
I would slide my fingers in the
Spaces between yours and take
All of your ghosts that are hiding there
They would find the edge of my words
And bury themselves in my lungs
And I would not let you swallow my breath.
It is probably good that you
Do not let me hold your hand,
Because while taking your
Ghosts away from you
I would give you mine.

Victim of convenience

Don’t promise me forever,
what word would wait that long
Whose temporary heart
could to eternity belong
Each shallow beat a funeral drum
and we, a brief parade
Don’t promise me forever
as even now, we fade
Don’t promise me forever
with sunset in your eyes
a dying day to sink within
the night’s cozened disguise
Leave tacit tomorrows to
the virtued and contrite
Don’t promise me forever
just help me get through the night.
**please, no more goodbyes**


we are pebbles, you and I
talking of the waters
that wear us awry
how our edges are softened
by the chiseling kiss of the waves
our bones as cliffs in crumbles
swept up by the currents
and laid down by the tides
forever we are moving
never knowing,
if we’ll ever
land side
by side.

By your side

You may be cold
and tired
or uninspired
but you’re not alone
in this, when you
wonder if your 
thoughts ever find the
person in which
they were designed
a chill rushes over
your skin, but you’re 
not alone
we’re all together
in our solitude.